Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible Bicycle: Keiser m3
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: X: 80mm; Y: 60mm; Z: 30mm
Power: 2 AAA batteries
With the new adapter dpcycling can turn a simple way Keiser M3 to M3i bike, we just have to disconnect the cable from the sensors, connected to the adapter and reconnect from the adapter with the new cable we provide.

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DpCycling MAYA

Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 and  ANT+
Compatible with: BLE/ANT+ heart rate monitors, Indoor Cycling, Crank Power Meter, etc..
Dimensions: X: 120mm; Y: 100mm; Z: 40mm
Power: +12v DC
Maya bridges allow for Bluetooth Smart and ANT/ANT+ sensor devices to communicate messages directly onto a wired Ethernet network and forwards the data to end points on the local Ethernet network.

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